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A Thought Captured

If we don't capture the thought(s) that lead to wrong desires, such as wanting a door opened that God has closed, then we will find ourselves slaves to them (the thoughts).

Which is a direct contradiction to what Jesus Christ said in Luke (4:18) and what was recorded in the book of John (John 8:36) He came to set the captives free and whom He has set free is free INDEED!

If we find ourselves always wanting something that God no longer or never wanted for us. We have failed to attune our wants to line up with His Word. We should always be wary of the lesson from Lot's wife. Her thoughts, her being, all of who she was was established in Sodom and Gomorrah. Eventhough, God wanted to save her she decided she knew what was best and didn't want to leave that place behind. It had captured the throne of her heart. Neither the joy of pleasing God nor the sacrifice for the betterment of her family came into her mind. Just a selfish thought that was never tamed. As a result she los…
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Questions & Answers

Lord are you there?

I am

God I need you to move

I am

Lord I need you to sustain me

I am

Father I need you to guide me

I am

Lord I need you with me

I am

Father help me to trust you

I am

Lord help me to be ...less of me and more of You

I am

God I am so sick of messing up, forgive me

I did

Lord I need you to love me

I do

God I feel so alone

So defeated

So discouraged

So helpless

I am with you

I am your strength

I am your deliverer

I am your strong tower

I am your savior

I am everlasting

I never change

I am He who was and is to come

I am

So that means you are
set aside
full of my purpose

Allow Me to be who I am

I am GOD



I am autistic
I am talented
I am a musician
I am a dancer
I am fierce
I am laughter
I am strength
I am bold
I am strong
I am  determined
I am smart
I am wise
I am knowledge
I am a puzzle
I am chosen
I am loved
I am your son
I am your brother
I am your neighbor
I am your friend
I am Nathan
I am Myles
I am autism
I am beautiful

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